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Set in an alternate universe, The Prime Trilogy is a gritty, albeit comedic coming of age tale that poses a serious question, “Could the greatest heroes from inspired texts and world mythology, even begin to fill the shoes of a modern teen?”

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Arlen Beech

Arlen Beech was born in the Silicon Valley and raised on a healthy diet of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Comics. During his decades long career as a paramedic he has been in nearly every tight situation imaginable, including, delivering a baby in a dark alleyway, being shot at and nearly stabbed in the neck ( it missed by half an inch). Despite this, he never truly knew fear until he witnessed the opioid pandemic unfolding. Having worked two years on a dedicated psychiatric ambulance that catered to teen runaways and high-risk suicide cases, Arlen could see trouble on the horizon. His response was, “The Prime Trilogy,” a series that follows the exploits of a fifteen-year old demi-god named Josh who starts self-medicating with painkillers after his reality warping power takes a dark turn. The narrative is shared by his love interest Dianna, who will do anything to get him through rehab, even if it means having to save the universe by herself. There are currently two versions of the trilogy available, one that is aimed at the spiritual minded and the other which contains intense language and situations, so, please choose wisely.

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