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Set in an alternate universe, The Prime Trilogy is a gritty, albeit comedic coming of age tale that poses a serious question, “Could the greatest heroes from inspired texts and world mythology, even begin to fill the shoes of a modern teen?”

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Arlen Beech

During his decades long career as a paramedic, Arlen Beech has been in nearly every tight situation imaginable. After a two-year stint on a dedicated psychiatric ambulance catering to teen runaways and high-risk suicide cases, he began to take notice of the growing opioid crisis and the toll it was taking on America’s youth. His response was the formation of Walthers and Sinclaire Publishing, a small Silicon Valley based outfit dedicated to producing novels that teach children about the dangers of drug use. Their first offering was, “The Prime Trilogy,” a series that follows the exploits of a fifteen-year-old demi-god named Josh who starts self-medicating with painkillers after his reality warping power takes a dark turn. The narrative is shared by his love interest Dianna, who will do anything to get him through rehab, even if it means having to save the universe by herself. Over the course of the series characters and situations are introduced that will cover the most notorious drugs around as well as the side effects of long-term usage.

Next to be released was, “A Sky Full of Stars,” a free, web-based novel that delves into the teen obsession with fame. It follows the careers of fifty of the best and brightest singers, actors and sports celebrities and how drug usage brought it all crashing to the ground.

Our newest addition is, “Lesser Gods,” an autobiography of Arlen’s time as a paramedic trainee during the mid-90’s just as pain killers like oxycontin and fentanyl were being introduced.

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