Book 2: A Season of Shadows

Welcome to Milton High, where the favorite teachers are immortal, one out of four students are a daemonic spy and if the celestial hierarchy can’t recruit you, you’re immediately blacklisted. Nobody knows that better than Josh Michaels. It’s been months since he began experimenting with opiates in an attempt to subdue his unruly, reality warping abilities. Now instead of attending his sophomore year, he finds himself running from town to town, desperately trying to stay a step ahead of Hasden and his Ayncestral bodyguard Asmodeus. If it weren’t for Charlie’s zany anecdotes, Josh wasn’t sure if he’d be able to make it through. As it was, he inherently knew that the Watchers, Nina and Thomas were gone. It was as if they had been plucked from this dimension and spirited away to another. Which meant Josh’s soulmate Dianna Imperial was all alone. He only hoped her abilities had geometrically expanded like his. Because, the very organization that had so callously crushed him, would quickly set their sights on her and this time they wouldn’t just tempt. After creating a tailor-made fantasy to lower her defenses they would seduce her by any means necessary.