Book 3: Solving for X

In the past twelve hours Dianna Imperial has stolen the fabled bow of Eros, beaten a professional assassin at their own game and gone toe to toe with the Angel of Death. What she has planned for the rest of the day though, borders on celestial treason. Against the ruling of Metatron and countless other Ayncestrals she’ll descend into the deepest depths of the underworld to face the all-powerful Shadow Wraith and his armada of changelings for the soul of Josh Michaels, in a high stakes tournament where treachery is the ultimate weapon and willpower the only defense.

So, get ready to lay it all on the line, as bit by bit, Josh’s apocalyptic vision of the team’s final moments come to pass. Leading to crumbling alliances, the fate of the Watchers, the ascendancy of Hasden and a sacrifice so unspeakable, it will change the Prime’s forever.