Book 1: The Prime

It’s not easy being a teen demi-god especially for Josh Michaels. Everything from his mood, straight down to the very words that cross his lips, seem to have an effect on the reality unfolding around him. Things have gotten so out of hand lately, even his own mother gets nervous around him. That’s why he’s relieved to find that he’s moving to his grandparents in Massachusetts for a fresh start. When he gets there though, he realizes a lot has changed since his last visit. His childhood friend Charlie is on so many mood stabilizers it’s a wonder he can function at all. It almost looks as if their freshmen year at Milton High may be a bust until Charlie catches footage of a beautiful classmate Dianna Imperial miraculously healing someone. The resulting media frenzy sweeps the globe catching the attention of the highest echelons of heaven and hell. As their spies converge on Milton to infiltrate the school and recruit Dianna they all have the same questions in mind.

Will Josh’s emerging feelings for Dianna create a paradise or more likely will his nerves get the better of him, transforming Earth into an image of Dante’s Inferno? After all, love may conquer anything but what happens when it collides with a boy who can change everything?