Lesser Gods

One of Arlen’s first memories was spending his third birthday in medical isolation. There was something so surreal about the floor to ceiling plastic barrier that separated him from the hospital staff, his family and the candles atop a cake he could never actually blow out. It was as if reality were saying, you can look but never touch. It was a feeling that stuck with him long after his immunology treatments, well into his teen years. Despite being cured he still felt isolated a sensation that was horribly incompatible for someone that secretly yearned for camaraderie, romance, and seat of your pants excitement. So, he comes up with a Hail-Mary plan to reinvent himself, he would simply get a job as a First Responder and force himself out of his comfort zone. Unfortunately for him, no sooner does his every hope begin to manifest, when a wave of much stronger drugs hits the streets, leaving a string of alarming deaths in its wake, threatening to wash away everything he’s worked so hard for.

Set in the mid-90’s and based on actual events, Lesser Gods is a first-hand account of the soaring highs and crushing lows of life as a paramedic intern during the rise of the opioid crisis.