Dramatis Personae


1) Josh: Jehovah is salvation. One of the 12 spies sent into Canaan by Moses.
2) Dianna: Divine
3) Nina: Old Slavic word that means dreamer, in Georgia it’s related to Saint George
4) Thomas: Twin
5) Cammy: Temple servant. Side-note-Ofrenda means an offering placed upon an altar
6) Jack: Diminutive of Jonothan, a rebel
7) Claire: Clear, bright
8) Lawrence: Laurel. Symbolizes both success and peace, also the street I worked when writing
9) Ramon: Wise protector
10) Charlie/Charles: Free man
11) Susan: Lilly
12) Samantha: God hears. Sri-Lankan Saman rides a white elephant as does Josh after being healed
13) Donato: Gift from god
14) Mara: Bitter. The name of a demon that tempted Buddha, the death of spiritual life
15) Bong: Mythical bird
16) Michael: Who is like God
17) Metatron: A divider. One of his title is Jah-El
18) William: Resolute protector
19) Deus: Shining God
20) Elijah: Defender of man
21) Minerva: Mind to remember
22) Ambriel: Amber, perfect jewel
23) Urania: Of Heaven
24) Nyx: Night
25) Fillia: Amity or friendship
26) Vyasa: Poet. Hindu sage that compiled the Mahabharata
27) Lao: Precious gem, star or ancient child
28) Erynn: Ireland
29) Samael: Venom of God
30) Dolores: Sorrowful
31) Priya: Beloved
32) Laith: Lion
33) Alex: Defender of men.

Posted on: 20 June 2020